Durable Wooden Watches

How durable are the wood watches?

It has already been established that wood watches are the best idea you can ever have because they are made of natural wood and are genuinely far more practical than metallic watches.

However, individuals who have never worn a wood watch in their lives will have no concept of how fashionable and robust these watches are, and they won't even know how deserving your collection is. Let us dispel your doubts by stating that it is genuinely stylish. Are the watches made of wood good? We're going to discover solutions.

Many individuals think that wooden timepieces first became famous as a "flavour" rather than as a practical option.

After all, there are more outfit-matching possibilities with wooden timepieces. This implies that you can either play up their formality or play them down. The deep mahogany polish exudes "high-class" without being overtly attractive enough to overshadow another accessory.

Does the well-known metal watch surpass the fashionable flexibility that wooden watches provide? Do wooden watches have the strength to sustain regular use?

Do Wooden Watches Last Long?

The short answer is "yes" Wooden watches last a long time.

The internal mechanics of the typical wooden watch are identical to those of metal watches. This implies that the internal gaskets, dials, gears, and springs will be made of the same materials as metal watches and provide the same reliable performance. The main difference is that the wristband and exterior shell are both constructed of wood, which has several advantages.

Occasionally, you'll come across a wooden wristwatch with internal parts. Despite their magnificent design, these watches often have a shorter lifespan and are far more challenging to repair than a conventional watch with a hardwood case and bracelet.

Wooden Watches in UK

Overall, the sort of wood used to make a wooden watch will determine how long it lasts:

  •       Maple

The most common wood is maple, which is valued for its sturdiness in watchmaking. Hard maple and sugar maple are the most resilient wood in watchmaking. It is a well-liked option for fashion versatility due to its distinct, creamy colour and smooth grain.

  •       Teak

Teak is renowned for its tensile strength, scarcity, and vibrant colouring. It is more water-resistant than other wooden timepieces due to the high oil content that is naturally present in teak bark, and it is resistant to natural degradation if it comes into contact with metal. Due to its low decay rate, teak is a significantly more expensive but sturdy option because of its great demand.

  •       Cherry

Cherry wood is renowned for its smooth texture and straight grain. These characteristics make it a popular option for watchmakers, but the difficulty in working with it might increase the cost of genuine cherrywood timepieces.

  •       Walnut

Walnut wood is highly sought after for an upscale-looking wooden wristwatch that won't break the budget because of its deep colouring, unusual texture, and tight grain. In contrast to most other types of wood, walnut will get lighter with time.

Acacia is a distinctive choice due to its distinctive striations and inherent purple tint. Although strong and water-resistant, this timber is more challenging to work with and, therefore, more expensive.

  •       Bamboo

Bamboo is a common material for wooden timepieces because of its quick and sustainable growth, lightweight, and ease of use. Although it is not the most resilient wood, it is soft to the touch and simple to repair.

Why Do Wooden Watches Last So Long?

People in today's society are undoubtedly aware of the different watch options available to them. They appear to feel the same way about wood watches when selecting a new piece of jewellery for their wrists. There are lots of folks who don't care about them. However, it depends on the individual. It's okay if you don't like wooden watches. You simply don't like them, so you aren't missing anything. Engraved wooden watches are also one of its types, and they can be customized according to the customer's demand.

You shouldn't let other people's opinions sway you if you like them. Knowing how many people like wearing these watch styles may surprise you.

Wooden Watches

Consider just a handful of the numerous desirable attributes engraved wooden watches have to offer if you decide you still desire one. These timepieces are made primarily of actual wood. Your watch will endure for several years or more if you take good care of it. To be eco-friendly and environmentally conscientious, the wood is frequently supplied from sustainable sources. Something that isn't always compatible with other watch styles available today.

Additionally, these timepieces weigh a lot less than those constructed of other materials. this gives you many comforts while wearing them. Over time, you'll feel less wrist ache than you would with other watch styles. Additionally, wood's small weight contributes to its inexpensive shipping cost.

These timepieces have a designer appearance and feel since they are handmade and one of a kind. The best part is that because the wood is unfinished, it won't splinter. You won't need to worry about anything when wearing them every day. As a result, the question "Are wood watches any good?" has an answer. They most certainly are.


Should I Avoid Water With Wooden Watch?

Some watches have been designed to protect the mechanism and inside against dust and splash water (3 ATM and 5 ATM).). Water contact is not an issue in daily use. For a swim or sauna, take the watch off your wrist.

Why A Wooden Watch?

We are passionate about natural materials and think nothing beats comfort. They are comfortable to wear and don't make your wrist perspire. Almost all Wooden Watches include a stainless steel case to safeguard the mechanism, contributing to the watch's strength and durability.

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