How Much Do Wooden Watches Cost in 2022

How Much Do Wooden Watches Cost in 2022

The latest trend of this era is wearable wooden watches because they are modish and good-looking.The stylish watch looks beautiful and grabs the attention of the people. Watches not just tell the time but are a symbol of modern style. People want to look stylish and trendy. Wooden watches have interesting features and high-standard designs that impress the people.

In 2022 wooden watches will trend and increase because people want to wear different. In 2022 Wooden watches cost less than 50£ and more than 1000£. Different styles are in different ranges of cost. Totally it depends on the wood quality and design. Wooden watches are cheaper, but some high-quality wood watches are the same cost and quality as compared to luxury metal watches with high prices.

Why Did You Choose an Engraved Wooden Watch for Your Son?

Wooden watches have a unique collection of different standard designs. Wrist wooden watches are available with premium quality and standard material, these watches have 100% natural with lightweight material that is easy and comfortable for the wrist. Different types of engraved watches are available for different occasions.


If you want to give a unique gift to your son then the natural wood watch is best for you. The Wood Look has a different design of engraved watches for your children, available in the most beautiful ,smart  and attractive design. When you buy the engraved gift for your son then keep in your mind the durability and well design that you like your son and be happy with. There are two types of watches available for your son.

  • Genuine wood bracelet 
  • Leather bracelet 

Both types are durable , modish and good material with plane and metal face. The features of watches are eco-friendly, no harmful chemical material, light in weight, and an automatic stopwatch. Its color, style, and design are most attractive and reliable. You can engrave on it the son's photo, its birth day’s word, special occasion remark, special date, memorable words.

Engraved Wooden watches have an individual style and provide an outstanding way for your son. As parents appreciate their children they feel happy and can get their goal easily similarly engraved watch gift appreciate your son and he remains happy for a long time. These watches are handmade and look not only stylish but also durable. Your son will be happy to wear it and remember your love. An engraved wooden watch gift from the parents to the son will be not only a timekeeper but also a love stimulant.

Prominent Wooden Engraved Watches in the UK:

A long-range of engraved wooden watches is available, especially for Men. There are Differing kinds of wooden engraved watches that are in trend.

  • Chronograph watches
  • Minimalist watches

Chronograph Watches:

It is the best timekeeper with a specific type and has the capability to integrate the stopwatch. These watches have different categories and wonderful features. It is a specific type of clock, in these watches use a stopwatch with a display watch and combine these.

Using Zebra Wood in Chronograph Watches:

Zebrawood watches are elegant and comfortable. These watches are best for Men, it has a standard style and is easy to use. You can gift your son this fantastic watch and modern watch.

The Stainless Steel Used in the Chronograph Watch: 

This watch uses wood with stainless steel material and has a wood bracelet. It looks splendid and stylish, it is available in clean, plain, and casual designs.

Chronograph Watch with Leather Bracelet:

Its premium leather bracelet presents a stylish look, it is in modern style and comfortable and easy to wear. It has a contrasting color with texture on light wood.

Minimalist Wood Watches:

These wood watches have extra features and are of good quality and this is special a gift. This is a unique and flashy timepiece.

Pitch Black with Leather Bracelet:

It is a splendid watch that is in black color and recover with bamboo and it has contrast features and is a durable and amazing watch.

Dark Wood Watch:

It has fantastic features and its color is dark black, you can engrave messages, quotes, dates, and images and it looks beautiful that you can gift your son and other Ones.

Universe Scale less Wooden Watch:

It is an engraved magnetic watch that has beautiful features, it has a traditional mechanical design and it is a beautiful trendy watch that you can gift your son.

Eco-friendly Engraved Wooden Watches: 

These wooden watches are sustainable and traditional mechanical watches. That has certain qualities. Ecofriendly wooden watch is a durable and stylish gift.

Here are two kinds of Eco-friendly that are famous :

Automatic Eco- friendly Mechanical Watch for Men:

This watch is automatic and moves gears inside automatically. These watches use the natural dark sandalwood, which gives an attractive and natural look, You can engrave on it different graceful designs for your own choice.

Handmade mechanical Eco- friendly watch :

These watches present a different and pleasant look . Handmade mechanical wooden are famous and like their good design and durability.

 About The Wood Look:

The Wood Look in UK is famous all over the world for its wooden watch business . James and Sam are the owners of this business. They provide the suppleness of wooden watches and engraved watches, especially for Men. The wood Look has multiple designs, and a large collection of watches that are stylish, beautiful, and charming.

You can choose our Wooden watches because 

We provide free delivery in the UK with free gift box.

We engraved on watches for free.

On special occasions, you can be engraved with your own choice.

You can receive a message after delivering the order.

You can contact us at our email address

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