5 Best Wooden Watches for the Eco-Friendly Man

5 Best Wooden Watches for the Eco-Friendly Man

Timepieces might look like a thing of the past, but the Wood-look believes that every man, young or old, should wear a watch as it adds beauty to the final look. Try our wooden watches for men if you are done with metal watches. The collection is vast, and the style humongous. Quality wooden watches are everything a modern man needs- it is classy, it is lightweight, and best of all, it is eco-friendly.

So, whether you want to track your daily events or want to accessorise, take our word, wristwatches are still in fashion, and ours is sustainable too.

The WoodLook
wooden watches for men are on a mission. To utilise the natural woods and bring out unique and quality wooden watches for you. Instead of checking the time on your mobile phone, we suggest you invest in quality wooden watches for men- sleek designs, comfortable to carry, and a perfect addition for work & play. These watches deserve to be a part of your wrist every day, showing the world that wooden watches are not any less than metal watches.

Wooden Watches

If You Want to Invest in Quality Wooden Watches, Keep Reading Further!

  • Barcelona Mechanical Wooden Watches for Men

Most people crave Britain's accessories. Our Barcelona mechanical wooden watch is a classy addition to the conscious man's collection. The modern and unique design is made with the highest quality of natural and sustainable woods, with mechanical movements. The watch works with the movements of the wrists via a mechanical weight. Yes, this means you don't need to replace a battery every other day.

All Wood-look quality wooden watches claims sustainable fashion at their finest. 

Watch Specifications

Dial Diameter: 45mm

Strap Length: 200mm

Strap width: 18mm

  • London Chronograph Wooden Watches for Men

Our London edition is first collection that brings wood and steel for an elegant luxury look for men looking for minimal quality wooden watches. The design features a sleek and clean design. All our wooden watches for men are handcrafted with love and care. 

We ensure to utilise only sustainable woods. We bring pride in offering the best timepieces in today's time. The multi-functional chronograph dials fit perfectly under a hand-cut wooden frame and bracelet. The conspicuous features of our London edition of wooden watches for men surely have everything to make it stand apart from the crowd. A must-have addition to your timepiece collection.

Watch Specifications

Dial Diameter: 42mm

Strap Length: 200mm

 Strap width: 19mm 

  • Edinburgh Chronograph Quality Wooden Watch

Designed and handcrafted in a small town in Britain, our Edinburgh chronograph wooden watch is made using different sustainable woods. This edition of wooden watches for men is named after the great city of Edinburgh, and it's a treat to have this unique timepiece.

All our watches are lightweight, eco-friendly and adhere to a sporty chronograph design, made with real wood, approved by FSC.

If you are looking for something stylish that is created to wear every day, this specific watch will be the perfect addition to your collection of watches. If you are new to wooden watches for men, try purchasing this collection as it is an ideal option for people new to wooden watches. To complete the look, the watch incorporates a gift packing- branded bamboo box and accessories, making it ideal for gifting as well.

Watch Specifications

Dial Diameter: 47mm 

Strap Length: 215mm

 Strap Width: 20mm

The Milan edition wood watch is fashionable and modern, like the city, it is named after.

  • Milan Chronograph Wooden Watch

This specific quality wooden watch, the Milan chronograph wooden watch, just like the city, is fashionable and modern in design. The stylish features like the sporty chronograph dial, paired with the finest wood quality (100% approved by FSC), make it a perfect fit for everyday use. 

If you have long been looking for unique wooden watches for men, consider shopping with us. We showcase the best of our work. You can find vintage wooden watches for men as well. 

All our watches are lightweight, and that's why people (our customers) finds it comfortable to wear them all day long.

 Watch Specifications

Dial Diameter: 44mm

Strap Length: 215mm

Strap width: 21mm

  • Geneva Wooden Watch

Do you know how you differentiate normal wooden watches from quality wooden ones for men? Always looks for ingenuity, its style, and that it is made only of sustainable wood. Our Geneva wooden watch depicts a bold yet gorgeous look. Like the other wooden watches for men in our collection, the Geneva wooden watch features a sporty chronograph dial, combined with the finest quality wood. If you want a super luxurious styled wooden watch, go for this edition. It is durable and stylish, allowing it to secure a top position in quality wooden watches for men.

Watch Specifications

Dial Diameter: 44mm

 Strap Length: 200mm

 Strap Width: 24mm

Wooden Watches

Final Thoughts

Honestly speaking, wooden watches for men can never go wrong. Draw compliments from your friends and colleagues with these breathtaking wristwatches that are created keeping in mind the amenities of a modern lifestyle, and deep gratitude for sustainability and efficacy.

The timepieces discussed in this blog are made with high-end craftsmanship and the mission to save our planet earth.

Wooden watches for men are in demand. It is eco-friendly, made of 100% sustainable wood, and it is classy. Don’t miss on them.

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