5 Tips on How to Care for Your Wooden Watches

5 Tips on How to Care for Your Wooden Watches

In order to make the piece durable and well-maintained so that it displays all aspects, it must be handled with care. Every watch is different and will gradually improve and alter over time. It can become a timeless piece that works for any occasion with the right upkeep and care. Classic wristwatches, like sophisticated wooden watches, serve purposes beyond simply keeping time. They are a statement accessory that will always be in fashion.

Aside from those made of various metals and plastic, fashionable timepieces made of real wood are growing in favor over time due to their distinctive and elegant design.

Traditional timepieces are fading into obscurity in today's tech-driven world where wearable devices like fitness bands and smartwatches are deemed indispensable. But good things usually come back, and wood watches are a prime example of this.

It has been popular for a while, but they are swiftly regaining popularity with individuals who just enjoy wearing them for fashion and style, not just watch enthusiasts.

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They are popular for numerous reasons, including the fact that they are eco-friendly, stylish, and classic. These watches are quite popular among successful people because of their distinctive designs. In contrast to watches made of glass, metal, and stone, a wood watch has distinctive qualities, and wearing one has many positive effects.

It's crucial for you to understand how to care for your new watch, whether you just bought it or got it as a gift. It can be cleaned on your own with just a drop of pure oil, a drop of lemon juice, and a piece of cotton. Make the oil and lemon solution first, and then gradually use the cloth and solution to gently rub the outside of your watch. In the conclusion, you can wipe away any remaining oil with a fresh cloth.

Tips to Take Care of the Wooden Watch

The methods listed below will help you take good care of and maintain your personalised wooden watch.

Different Ways to Protect Your Personalised Wooden Watch

Wear With Care

Natural oils from the wearer are what keep a watch hydrated and prevent it from drying out. The watch must not dry out since this could result in cracks and discoloration. Your skin's natural oils add lustre to the wood watch and serve as a lubricant for it. Wearing it is the best thing you can do to keep it in good condition. Use it with caution but at ease for practically any occasion. It can be a fashion statement for a night out or a timeless addition to your regular wardrobe.

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Avoid Being Near Water

The only location you shouldn't wear wooden watches is in an area with a lot of water. The watch's inner and exterior will be permanently harmed if it is submerged or soaked. The wood will change shape, alter, and potentially shrink if it gets wet. The innards of the watch will be severely harmed or destroyed by the water, which will leave permanent stains on it. It is advisable to simply keep the wood watch away from any potential moist situations.

Keep The Lustre

Even though the wooden material receives the necessary lubrication from your natural oils, you can improve the watch's lustre and appearance. Buying and utilising a protective oil will improve the material's lubrication and produce a lovely, varnished gloss. There are oil-based treatments available that will offer all the protection with little shine if you do like a matte appearance. Oil-based products are essential for itself. You can use them as a cleanser in addition to using them as prescribed in tiny doses.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Sunlight can cause cracking and discoloration in your watch, as it can with any wooden object. If it is exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time, it will inevitably develop long, thin lines of breaking. On the other hand, it is not advisable to store your watch in a box for an extended period of time. Since a wood watch is made of natural materials, it must be exposed to natural settings in order to preserve its beauty. Wear your watch without fear, but if you are frequently exposed to the sun, think about occasionally putting it in its case.

Enjoy The Natural Ageing Process

The fact that a wood watch will age slowly is one of its best qualities. This watch is naturally growing and changing to fit its surroundings. To adapt to the user, you may notice a little change in shape, lines or cracks, or color. This process can be slowed down but not stopped with the right care.

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With time and exposure, this is a really wonderful fashion statement that only gets better. Enjoy observing how your watch gradually changes as it ages naturally.

In the era of knockoff items that everyone can purchase online, the chance to dress in something distinctive, interesting, and exceptional that lends a sense of class and sophistication to your wardrobe is becoming increasingly rare. A wood watch that you wear on your wrist instantly attracts admiration and frequently shock.

When it comes to creating a statement or standing out from the crowd, many people long for and are unable to attain it, but wearing a wood watch on your wrist or as a pocket watch gives you that extra something. Make a statement by wearing the accessory that always receives positive feedback.

Whether your preferred style is ultra-formal or more relaxed and natural, a wooden watch in the proper color tone and finish may add the ideal finishing touch to any outfit.

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