The Best Quality Wooden Watch to Buy-2022

The Best Quality Wooden Watch to Buy-2022

Yes, you read the topic alright. We are talking about the best wooden watches to buy this season. As strange as it might sound, quality wooden watches have been in the market for a long time. Precisely since 1980, let's all thanks Mr James Borden, who dared to think out of the box.

Wooden watches are made of sustainable natural woods, and you know what makes them unique in their character? It's the fact that over time it's only getting better. Unlike your other watches, for instance, it only wears off with time.

Everyone is fond of quality wooden watches, which is why we jotted down some of our favourite collections, and named the blog as the best wooden watches to buy in 2022.

You know you cannot go wrong with this eco-friendly wristwatch, especially when you can buy men engraved watches with custom messages.


Best Wooden Watches

So, Get Back, Sip Some Coffee, and Enjoy Reading.

  • Edinburgh - Chronograph Wood Watch

The Edinburgh chronograph wooden watches for men, are named after the great city. This charismatic wooden watch is not only elegant from everywhere, but it is also environmentally-friendly and lightweight, making it to the top of the list of best wooden watches.

The best feature of this wooden watch is the sporty chronograph design made of authentic wood, which FSC itself approves.

The Edinburgh chronograph wooden watch is an ideal choice to buy in 2022 as it has been ranking as one of our best sellers for consecutive 2-years in a row now. With this wooden watch for men, you get your hands on a bamboo box, gift packing, and some other essential accessories that save a lot of time.

Watch Specifications
  1. Dial Diameter: 47mm 
  2. StrapLength:215mm
  3. Strap Width: 20mm
  • London Chronograph Wooden Watch

The next wood watch for best wooden watches for men in line is the London chronograph. Don't miss its elegant beauty that combines steel and sustainable wood to give it a typical luxurious touch.

This specific wooden watch for men consists of a multi-functional chronograph dial held within a flawlessly sculpted wooden frame and bracelet. One look at a London chronograph wooden watch, and you will be awestruck. Its features are enough to make it stand tall from the crowd.

Watch Specifications
  1. Dial Diameter: 42mm
  2. Strap Length: 200mm
  3. Strap width: 19mm 
  • Lisbon Chronograph Wood Watch

Securing the third position in the best wooden watches is the Lisbon watch, as it has its charisma. This specific wooden watch is unlike the others. The beautiful blue colour of the dial reflects perfectly when rays of sun speck on it. The colour blue is as breath-taking as the ocean's blue sea itself.

The chronograph dial contains the latest quartz technology. Weighing on top of it is a solid yet light wooden frame.

Watch Specifications
  1. DialDiameter:45mm
  2. StrapLength:210mm
  3. Strap Width: 25mm
  • Milan Wooden Watches for men

As the city of Milan, our Milan wooden watches collection are fashionable and modern. It's a stylish addition to your outfit. The sporty chronograph dials are made with the highest wood quality and are 100% approved by FSC.

You can comfortably carry the Milan wooden watch all day, without irritation. It's lightweight, it's super classy, and it's what you need.

Watch Specifications
  1. Dial Diameter: 44mm
  2. Strap Length: 215mm
  3. Strap width: 21mm

Advantages of Securing the Best Wooden Watches

Most often, individuals opt for wooden watches because of their eco-friendly nature. Wood is light and is scratch-free, unlike some metals used in watches. Wooden watches look good and can be worn both in a casual environment and formally. Most people do not know that with wooden watches you can engrave a custom message. Like buying engraved wooden watches for men. Such a sweet gift, right?

Plus, some wooden watches are made waterproof; having said that, let's not make it a habit of wearing your wooden watches during showers regularly.

Regardless of which wooden watch you opt for from the list above, you must take care of the watch to increase its life. When cleaning the watch's dial, always use soft fabric, probably microfiber clothes. Please do not use bleach for cleaning it; it will permanently damage.

To keep the wooden watch in its original state, do not wear it when working out or playing any sport. And finally, read the products manual to store it properly.

Best Wooden Watches

Things to Consider to Buy Best Wooden Watch

To be sure that you've invested your money on the right wooden watch, look out for the following things;

Ethics- we don't want to be the reason for deforestation. Make sure the brand is committed to the ethical welfare of the planet.

Sustainability- knowing the source and types of wood used in crafting wood watches is the second factor to consider.

  1. Craftsmanship- next, unique and intricate designs have our heart. If the wooden watch you like does not have that Wow factor, switch to another design with the wow factor because that's the design made with love and care.
  2. Style- although a subjective factor, you don't want to end up with a style that does not look good on you.
  3. Components- for the watch to be called the best wooden watch, it must be made of the highest quality components, ensuring its durability.

The Wood look is your one-stop destination for all wooden watches made with sustainable wood. Our motto is to make our planet a healthy place for the coming generations. All our collections are made with wasted scraps of wood. The watches are made of eco-friendly and durable wood, and are super gorgeous. You can get a personalised message and gift engraved men's watches to your loved ones. They will not only like the gesture, but the watch itself will stun them. Do miss out on the best watches you need in 2022. 

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