What is the Typical 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

What is the Typical 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

The 5th wedding anniversaries are a special time to celebrate with your loved one! It’s the perfect opportunity to pick out a beautiful present they’ll enjoy long after the event.

When planning your 5th wedding anniversary gift, consider what your loved one would love the most - whether it's something sentimental or recent - and choose the perfect wooden anniversary gift to commemorate that special day as the wood is the traditional gift for it.

How to Pick a Wooden Gift?

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is a great way to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them. For some couples, wood is the perfect material for a gift because it has a long history of being symbolic and special. Here are four tips for picking the perfect gift for your partner:

  • Think About the Couple's Interests & Passions

Try to find out your partner’s interests if you don’t know them! Chances are you’ll have some idea or at least be able to think of something that would be a good match for them. This way, not only can you surprise your soulmate but also make them feel that you understand them.

  • Choose a Unique Wood Specie

Today's vast majority of wood used in furniture and other objects comes from three primary tree types: oak, ash, and maple. However, there are many different types of trees with unique properties that can make for great 5th wedding anniversary gifts for her - like olive wood. Ask for something new and exciting at local timber stores or online!

  • Don't be Afraid to Get Creative!

There's no one "correct" way to give a wedding anniversary gift - as long as it's personalised, meaningful, and fits with the couple's style (and budget!). Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Build a custom shelving unit together.
  • Get them a couple of custom-cut wood sculptures.
  • Get them a set of wine glasses made from a specific tree species.

The possibilities are endless! 

Don't wait - Give Your Gift Soon!

  • Don't wait - Give Your Gift Soon!

Most woods will rot after a year or two - so it's best to get your gift in immediately. 

One last word of caution: you need to be more sure of the wood species and quality to avoid buying wood from online auctions or other places where you can only inspect the product after purchasing.

Different Types of Wood

Different types of wood are commonly used for crafting objects, and each has characteristics that make it a great choice for a wooden wedding anniversary gift. For example:

  • Maple wood is a strong and durable wood perfect for furniture or other items that will be used often.
  • Oak is also a strong and stable wood, but it can also be expensive.
  • Pine is cheaper than oak, but it's not as strong or durable. Birch is a lightweight wood that's easy to work with, but it doesn't hold up as well to moisture and abuse.

When choosing a 5th wedding anniversary gift for him, consider the recipient's favourite type of wood and choose something made of that same material. Look online or in your local bookstore for catalogues or books that list different types of wood and their properties. Be sure to ask the recipient what kind of gift they would like before you buy anything!

Making a 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift

When you're planning your wedding anniversary gift, there are a few things to keep in mind. Not only should the gift be something that the couple will enjoy, but it should also reflect your unique relationship with them. Here are four tips for picking the perfect 5th wedding anniversary gift for wife:

  • Customise It!

First and foremost, customise the presentation to fit your loved one's personality. If they're into crafting, find a woodworking project or tool they could use and enjoy using. If they're more of a music person, go ahead and get them a guitar or some other instrument! The possibilities are endless!

  • Think Functionality First

Another key factor when choosing wood gifts for a 5th wedding anniversary is functionality. Invest in something to help the couple keep their lives organised and streamlined. A wooden watch, with your feelings, etched on it, can come in handy for keeping them updated about the time.

  • Be Creative & Unique!

Remember to be creative and unique when thinking about what kind of anniversary gift you can give! Whether finding an unusual wood species they've never seen before or getting them a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery made out of wood, this is where your creativity will shine most brightly!

Don't Be Afraid to Go Above and Beyond!

  • Don't Be Afraid to Go Above and Beyond!

When it comes to 5th wedding anniversary gifts, don't be afraid to go above and beyond. Whether picking up a special gift certificate or investing in something they'll use every day (e.g. a beautiful kitchen countertop made out of reclaimed wood), these kinds of thoughtful gestures will truly show your love for them!


Giving someone a special gift is always a joy. Still, it can be especially rewarding when you know that the recipient loves and cherishes that particular piece of jewellery or clothing as an anniversary present.

When picking the perfect wedding anniversary gift, remember a few things. First and foremost, think about what your partner enjoys. Second, consider what aspects of your relationship you want to commemorate with the gift.

And finally, make sure the gift is unique enough to stand out from the rest but not so unique that your partner can't find something similar at home. With these tips in mind, you should be able to pick out the perfect wooden anniversary present for your loved one!

So try to be unusual and try a wooden gift!

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