Why Buy A Wooden Watch?

Why Buy A Wooden Watch?

With the advancement of technology, smartphones are replacing every traditional thing including watch. But, according to Forbes, punctual, productive and organised people always go for a traditional style.

If you are someone who is thinking the same and looking for a traditional style that can compete with the modern era, you must go for wooden watches. Here, we have mentioned some key reasons for buying a wooden watch over a traditional one.

Eco-friendly Style

Well, everything is advancing and so is the fashion. Nowadays, we can see that there are different types of styles but, nothing can beat the positive impact of eco-friendly style. We are acquainted with the fact that wood is a renewable natural source and therefore, watches made of wood are completely eco-friendly. Moreover, a lower carbon footprint is created while making wooden watches. 

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Mitigate The Level of Carbon Dioxide

You might be surprised to know that wood is capable of absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and we all know how dangerous carbon dioxide is for our environment. Moreover, with the advancement of industries, the level of carbon dioxide is increasing day by day. So, in such a scenario, if you put on a wooden watch, you will not only enhance your style but also help the environment to get rid of excess carbon dioxide.

Natural and Unique

Everybody wears metal or plastic wristwatches but, it would be a great idea if you go for a natural as well as a unique watch made of wood. Earlier, we have mentioned that wood is an eco-friendly material and surprisingly, the look of two wooden watches cannot be the same as they are completely handmade. If we talk about metal or plastic wristwatches, they are manufactured using high-quality machines and you will not find any kind of uniqueness among them. But, on the other hand, if we talk about wooden watches, these are made using one-off natural grains of wood and therefore, two wooden watches cannot be the same. Even, if they belong to the same production house, you can still see differences in pattern and colour. 


Although plastic watches are lightweight, they are not skin-friendly and therefore, they are not extensively used. On the other side, metal watches are very heavy and sometimes, wearing a heavy watch throughout the day becomes irritating. Wooden watches are the alternative option is available on the market. They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long without the unnecessary weight. 

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Pocket-friendly and Durable

Durability is one of the key aspects that is often unknown about our wooden watches. Wood is stronger than we think, we've tried and tested our watches over the past few years and they still look virtually brand new. Some have even been stress tested and whilst they may have little marks it is hardly visible due to the natural grains on show.

Wood is also one of the inexpensive natural resources and therefore, wooden watches are completely pocket-friendly. Everyone wants the very best gift for a loved one, but what can be better than a quality piece of workmanship coupled together with great affordability?

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