Best Looking Wood Watches

10 Best Looking Wood Watches

It looks difficult to get fashionable and trendy watches that are right for every occasion as well as profession. One may fall in a dilemma among the various needs because every event or occasion demands different wearables. Similarly, a big variety of watches can also make you confused during your buying decision. If you are at a wedding ceremony you need some different watch than the watch you wear at office timing. As every event or environment has its own value, you need a piece that can fulfill the requirements of your fashion as well as need.

We are introducing the 10 best wooden watches UK that can fulfill all your desired needs for a wooden watch.

  1. Emobile Wooden Watch
  2. AB AETERNO Zeus Silver Details Wooden Watch
  3. Zeitholz Wooden Watch
  4. CZOKA Natural Black Walut Wooden Watch
  5. SVENN Wooden Watch
  6. JORD Wooden Watch
  7. Treehut Wooden Watch
  8. Dakota Men’s Wooden Watch
  9. BOBO Ride Bamboo Wooden Watch
  10. LAiMER Wood Watch Black

Emibele Wooden Watch

Emibele is one of the best Wooden Watches UK wooden watch market. It is an outstanding piece of timing with a Chronograph Military design. It offers three sub-dials and looks so casual that it can be worn at every event or environment. Everyone likes it due to its lightweight quality, chronograph function, glow in the darkness, and display at night. Furthermore, it’s a heart-touching wooden watch made off with natural walnut wood. The wooden material is polished and looks very graceful.


  • Incredibly stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Skin-friendly
  • Adjustable band
  • Analog display type
  • Natural Wood Material
  • Luminous pointers glow in dark
  • Display date, calendar & directions
  • Smooth & comfortable

AB AETERNO Zeus Silver Details Wooden Watch

AB AETERNO is known to be the best wooden watches UK. It comes with an analog display type with chocolate brown color that inspires everyone. Zeus introduces the Chronograph collection that pays homage to ancient methodology. ATERNO enhances the sense of style in both classic and contemporary. It symbolizes the bull, the thunderbolt, the eagle, and the oak tree which govern both the earth and heaven. All these features represent the territory of dense forest.


  • Natural wood oak tree
  • Official certified
  • Lightning bolts
  • Silvery colored index
  • Three chronograph counters
  • Butterfly clasp
  • Nickel-free

Zeitholz Wooden Watch

Zeitholz is a handcrafted world’s renowned walnut wood wristwatch. It features a lightweight analog with adjustable band fits. Zeitholz attracts everyone when you are among your peers with such watches. It is reliable and durable with its lightweight quality. There are some watches that are not adjustable but Zeitholz perfectly fits your wrist. It features easily adjustable straps and easy home functions. The royal blue color around the analog makes your watch royal style. The natural walnut wood comforts users and gives a soft feel.

Best Looking Wood Watches


  • Schmiedeberg model
  • Natural walnut wood
  • Deployment clasp
  • Rain resistant
  • High quality Miyota movement
  • 3D scales & second-hand sub dial
  • 2 years warranty

CZOKA Natural Black Walnut Wooden Watch

 CZOKA is an outstanding timepiece for men and women. It is manufactured with original Olive wood that gives a natural look and feel. Its natural color makes it more graceful and unique. This modern watch has no toxic materials therefore; it is not harmful for even sensitive-skinned people. These watches are popular as the best wooden watches UK due to their best quality and material.

CZOKA Quartz is very lightweight and comfortable with its natural wooden straps. You feel no burden or trouble but you feel a contact with nature. In fact, the natural wooden material keeps the temperature constant even in all seasons. This is best for gifts as it also looks like a bracelet. Its adjustable tools and easy functions enhance its beauty and value.


  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Adjustable watch band
  • Keeps your temperature constant
  • Real pure Olive wood
  • Round shaped
  • Chronograph featured
  • Bracelet style
  • deployment clasp

SVENN Wooden Watch

SVENN Atlas Series is one of the best wooden watches UK. This watch is today’s one of the most attractive watches because it is made up of 100% natural wood. It features scratch resistant surface, sapphire Crystal with detailed hand makings. The Atlas series is a high quality men and Women watch that is really a comfortable and easy adjustable wristwatch. Its unique color tone attracts your peers if you join them in a party or some other event. It is an original handmade watch that is very lightweight and even gives natural fragrance. You will feel the natural fragrance of a tree after wearing it, which is a blessing for your wrist.


  • High quality wood watch
  • Detailed with hand markings
  • Comfortable & lightweight
  • Handmade with original color
  • Eco-friendly & user-friendly
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Durable & reliable in all seasons

JORD Wooden Watch

 If you are searching for engraved wooden watches then you are at the right place. JORD is a brand new wristwatch that you can wear in your office or at a birthday party. It is manufactured with pure walnut wood that is not harmful for every type of skin. Furthermore, JORD engraved wooden watches are very comfortable and easy to see the time. Though it looks so simple by its display, its modern functions are not less than others. You can see the date, time, and seconds at the same time. There are no complicated functions in this watch. Everyone will love to have it because it gives natural fragrance and feel that is not less than a blessing in this polluted environment.


  • Very simple functions
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Comes with natural wood colors
  • Precision Quartz movements
  • Sapphire Glass
  • Luxury natural hardwood

Treehut Wooden Watches

Treehut wooden watches are also the best Engraved wooden watches. It is made from pure ebony and zebrawood and there is no use of chemicals, paints, polishes, or other elements that can give them more grace. Treehut wooden is 100% sustainable and reliable in all seasons. It features a comfortable and lightweight use that prevents rashes even if the skin is sensitive. It is a great timepiece for men and women that can be worn on birthdays, anniversaries, and business meetings. You will never get tired of having such an attractive engraved wrist watch.


  • 100% pure Ebony & zebrawood
  • A unique style
  • Durable & reliable in all weather conditions
  • 100% satisfactory & Guaranteed
  • 5 year battery life
  • Treehut design & manufacturing
  • Japanese Quartz movements

Dakota Men’s Wooden Watch

Dakota wooden watches are very popular and the best wooden watches UK. These timepieces are manufactured with natural wood that is the customer's best choice. Dakota is a renowned company that is producing quality timepieces for men and women. These watches feature high quality design, best quality components, substantial guarantee, and excellent experience. Its colors are unique and natural even though no polish colors are used to manufacture it.

Best Looking Wood Watches


  • Delicate design
  • 100% substantial guarantee
  • Digital functions
  • The best model of craftsmanship
  • Customer’s first choice
  • Certified & highest quality materials

BOBO Ride Bamboo Wooden Watch

BOBO Ride wooden watch is a popular wristwatch in UK. It comes with original wood color and unique style. You have used so many watches in your life but BOBO Ride wooden watches can give you an excellent experience of using it as well as wearing it. It is a unique example of craftsmanship and authenticity.


  • 100 % natural Bamboo
  • Specifically made for men
  • Japanese movements
  • Sony SR626SW battery
  • Folding clasp

LAiMER Wood Watch Black

If you are finding the best wooden watches UK then you are at the right place.LAiMER wood watch is a trendy wooden watch with environmentally friendly features. It is a unique timepiece with versatile and comfortable adjustment. You can feel the natural fragrance after wearing it because it is made of 100% natural wood. Wearing the LAiMER wood watch you can enjoy the moments with your friends and family. It is really a comfortable and sustainable gadget for your fashionable life.


  • Stylish & user-friendly
  • Environment friendly
  • Allergy free
  • No chemicals or harmful polish is used
  • Lightweight & sustainable

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