Wooden Watches for Women

5 Luxury Wooden Watches for Women

These wooden watch types are a terrific addition to your wardrobe because the distinctive watch material will give any of your outfits a bit of edge. They are one of a kind, and they can also help you include a little more nature into your daily life.  These outstanding wood timepieces are moreover frequently inexpensive, lightweight, and environmentally sustainable!

Why Wooden Watches for Women are Best?

Wooden watches are gradually gaining acceptance as a stylish accessory for people of all ages. They provide people with a means to make a naturally bold statement in a lovely way and are available for female styles. There are more styles available than ever before, but choosing the proper sort of wood is one of the most important things to think about before deciding on a watch style. Birch and sandalwood, as well as oak, bamboo, and other woods, are all used to make watches made of wood. You should carefully choose the type of wood for your watch, and you should take these considerations into account before making a purchase.

Styling wooden watches for women has numerous advantages, from their aesthetic value to their environmental impact. Since almost all of the materials are obtained responsibly, this form of jewellery is frequently more environmentally friendly than other types. For their timepieces, certain companies, like Urban Designer, solely utilise repurposed wood. Additionally, these watchmakers employ cutting-edge methods to do away with the requirement for dangerous metals, decreasing the possibility of skin irritation.


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Wooden Watches for Women

Women's wooden watches are manufactured from reused or recycled wood, which has environmental advantages in addition to aesthetics. This kind of watch is not only environmentally beneficial but also distinctive, offering each timepiece a distinct narrative. Your wooden watch, for instance, might be made by a local craftsman from a tree that grew on the farm where you grew up. Your closet will also be more balanced. Your clothes will gain a little bit of a natural feel from it.

A wooden watches for men and women can be worn with practically any dress and match any personality. They have a sophisticated, robust, and green appearance. Wooden watches will remain fashionable and look fantastic for a lifetime, unlike many metal and plastic watches that tarnish and lose their sheen with time. Additionally, the organic appearance of a wooden watch will add a special and lovely touch to your set. Anyone who wishes to stand out from the crowd should go with them.

Choosing wooden watches has even another advantage. The main benefit for women is that they care about the environment. They require less maintenance than their metal equivalents. They only require the occasional wiping down. They are also eco-friendly because they come from resources that are sustainable and replenishable. Wearing a wooden watch is a wonderful way to show that you care about the environment and it provides you with the self-assurance to wear it everywhere.

List of Luxury and Best Wooden Watches

Madrid - Minimalist Wood Watch

During a visit to the magnificent city, our Madrid edition watch received its name. Because wood naturally disperses heat, it performs well in the intense summer heat and is a pleasant accessory to wear.

It is constructed by Zebrawood and Ebony. Zebrawood is distinguished by its striped characteristics that resemble zebras. It is an exotic wood that is mostly present in central Africa.

Ebony is a thick, beautifully textured wood used in high-end products. Its earliest recorded history dates to the Egyptians. With a dual-tone band and a straightforward design, this watch may be worn by both men and women.

Paris - Wood Watch

The abundance of art, fashion, and culture in Paris served as inspiration for our design. It is environmentally sustainable, compact, and built of solid wood (FSC approved). It has a marble-style dial with rose gold markers, a genuinely exquisite design, and is a contemporary watch that is comfortable to wear all day. Olive wood, a little tree with slow but gratifying growth because of its many applications, was used to make this watch. Due to the warm temperature, this tree is primarily planted in the Mediterranean.

Florence - Wood Watch

Our Florence model was influenced by the city itself, which has structures with terracotta tiles that have aged beautifully over time. Rose gold dial and a contoured black bezel frame are features of its slim, fashionable design. It is constructed out of Walnut wood, a hardwood with a dark, closely-grained appearance. It is a speciality hardwood that is mostly utilised in the joinery and construction of high-end furniture. It is environmentally sustainable, compact, and built of solid wood (FSC approved).

Harbor Island - Chronograph Wood Watch

A one-of-a-kind watch that draws inspiration from the stunning pink beaches of Harbor Island in the Bahamas. This watch, with its striking pink dial, chronograph dials, and alloy links, is perfect for individuals who are new to wooden watches. This watch is crafted of Zebrawood, which is known for having striped markings that resemble those of a zebra. It is an exotic wood that is mostly present in central Africa. It is environmentally sustainable, compact, and built of solid wood (FSC approved).


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Wooden Watches for Women

Santorini Wood Watch

The lovely whitewashed settlements of the Greek island located in the Aegean Sea served as inspiration for the design of the Santorini wood watch.

The watch has a vibrant, light frame and a brilliant blue face. The unique bracelet of this watch sets it apart from all of the others in our collection (maple, ebony, red sandalwood and ebony).

Engrave a specific phrase for a loved one to make this a truly unique gift, and the best part is that it is absolutely free. It is environmentally sustainable, compact, and built of solid wood.

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