Who Are Wooden Watches Ideal For?

Who Are Wooden Watches Ideal For?

Did you know that gifts play one of the most important roles in a relationship? It is the symbol of understanding, romance, forgiveness, acceptance, and appreciation. Gifts also play a very special role in showing the recipient how much they mean to you. Especially when the gift is for a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary or at Christmas.

So when you add an engraving to a gift it automatically adds that extra personal touch as it becomes completely unique.

As a recipient, if someone special has gone out their way to find a gift and personalise it with their own message it tells them a lot about how much that person cares. 

Have you ever gifted wooden watch? Most often than not this answer is going to be a no. But in this modern era where metal and plastic watches are extensively used, why not think about gifting something more personal.

Who are wood watches ideal for?

Wooden watches are largely unisex designs so are completely suitable for both men and women.

If you are a married and have shared many memories with your partner then what better way to capture those memories with an engraved message on a special date such as your anniversary or wedding day.

Naturally they are a popular gift for those who are in woodworking businesses such as tree surgeons, joiners and carpenters alike.

We've also found that our watches are a perfect gift for a loved ones birthday. Special birth dates such as an 18th or 21st, an engraved message carries all the lasting memories of that special day.

The Wood Look only offers wooden watches intended to be given as gifts so each watch is carefully gift boxed ready to be presented. Furthermore almost every watch can be engraved with a very special message which you can design yourself using our interactive tool for free.

Benefits to buying a wooden watch

100% unique design

Every wooden watch has its own uniqueness as it is completely handmade using different grains of wood. Years of carbon is built up and stored in wood carrying its history into its next life - a watch. And since no two grains are ever the same you can be rest assured that you gift will be truly unique. Thankfully we have over 50 completely different styles to choose from for both men and women.

They're durable

Wood is one of the strongest materials in the world, its natural robust design ensures that the gift you give will be durable for many years to come with only the battery needing replacement. In fact some variants of watches do not even require a battery as it can work on wrist movement alone. 

Wooden watches can be personalised

Not sure how to tell someone how you feel? Then write it down and let us engrave it for you. Some has even chosen to engrave their proposal. Simply write your engraving and let us do the hard work or press the orange interactive engraving tool to do it yourself. This tool allows you to choose fonts, texts and images such as heart, love and many more. The engraved message will be at the backside of the dial. Along with it, we also offer a free handmade gift box that allows you to present your gift without any extra presentation necessary.

They are affordable to buy

We believe that gift giving shouldn't cost a fortune, that's why our prices are affordable for everyone. Furthermore you're going to be doing your bit for the environment by purchasing a watch that is largely based on renewable materials. 

Starting from just £49.99 you can be sure to find a style that will suit him or her.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our fabulous range of wooden watches today, whilst stocks last.

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