5 Gorgeous Minimalist Wooden Watches for Men

5 Gorgeous Minimalist Wooden Watches for Men

Minimalist wooden watches for men are getting popular by the day. It features simple designs and has a straightforward mechanism for telling time. One big advantage to buying wooden watches for men is they serve the purpose, right? Plus they are best looking and reasonable.

If you are one of those men who adore nature and want to feel connected to the outdoors, then you should invest in a good wooden watch for men. With these stylish watches in hand, you can feel connected to nature while it does what it is supposed to do.

Wooden watches for men have been in style for ages now, though people still do not use them excessively. The lack of information on these watches makes them less used by people around the world.

If truth be told, had more information been provided on the internet about these gorgeous and classy watches, it would have replaced all other types till now.

Apart from being sustainable, wooden watches for men are also lightweight and affordable.

Wooden Watches for Men

List of 5 Wooden Watches for Men with Minimalist Designs

  • Geneva Chronograph Wood Watch

Just like the city itself, Geneva wooden watches for men are bold yet breathtaking timepieces. If you are a fan of Geneva watches and want a minimalist design, go for the Geneva Chronograph wooden watch for men. It is made with top-quality wood, approved 100% by FSC. Since wooden watches are naturally lightweight you can comfortably carry these Geneva wooden watches for men for everyday use.

  • WeWood Kappa Nut Watch

We at, wood team are experts in creating functional and classy eco wooden watches for men with minimal design. Among the other watches, we have chosen the Kappa Nut Watch as this handsome watch is available in colors ranging from light brown to rich chocolate hue. The Kappa Nut watch is made of walnut and it utilizes the multi-function Miyota movement.

This beautiful wood watch for men round case measures 46mm in diameter, and has a matching bezel, making it an ideal fit for your wrist.

If you are an athlete or are in action, Kappa Nut watches are made of hard scratch-proof glass.

  • Cucol Wood Watch

We don’t know about you, but the majority of the people will judge men with the watch he is wearing. After all, what other accessories can men wear otherwise on the daily basis, right? As the old saying goes, ‘first impression is the last impression.’ If you want to make that first impression right make sure it is with Cucol wooden watches for men. 

These watches are functional and super chic. This special craggy minimal design contains a bamboo case that is 100% authentic, with brown leather straps. Apart from the design, this high-quality watch is a Miyota 2035 movement, and a battery that lasts around 12 to 24 months.

  • Bymax Handmade Vintage Analogue Quartz Wooden Wrist Watch

These days’ wooden watches for men  are more of a statement accessory. Gents who like a minimalist look for their watches can buy from Bymax. Their excellent designs are simple yet attractive made up of ebony wood. This Cucol Wood watch consists of a jet black leather band and a simple dial. Bymax handmade vintage has Miyota quartz movement. People who want to go the extra mile can add a custom engraving to the watch, making it ideal for gifts.

  • BOBO Bird Men’s Wooden Watch

Bobo Bird creates the best wooden watches made of sustainable, reclaimed and recycled wood for the men of today’s time. Owning this timepiece will make you feel good because of its modern design. The ebony wood consists of subtle contrasting colours like jet black and chocolate brown.

The watch is 100% functional with no issues coming from clients. Enjoy the multi-functional dial that displays military time, and the date. Oh, let’s not forget the chronograph. 

Bobo birds men watches are powered by Sony batteries, giving it a long shelf life. The adjustable strap hand comes with a tool and some extra links for amendments to make it a perfect fit.

Wooden Watches for Men


If you want to buy a watch, take our word and give wooden watches for men a try. Wooden watches for men have ample advantages as compared to leather and metal wrist timepieces. For instance, they are eco-friendly, they make a bold style statement, are lightweight making them comfortable to carry. There are some downsides as well, the maximum number of wooden watches lasts only 10 years.

All the wooden watches designs for men mentioned above are of the best quality. They are sustainable and affordable. They are durable and comfortable. What else can you possibly ask for? The market is jammed with wooden watches, and the ones mentioned above are men who crave minimal designs.

Most often wooden watches are given oil and heat treatment that makes them resistant to water. So, the next time you pop into the shower with your watch on, don’t panic, stay and take a deep breath, and keep showering.

If you are looking for a wooden watch for men with different styles and varieties, shop our range of the highest quality watches now. We offer premium customer care and free delivery too. Our products consist of ranges of Geneva wooden watches for men and many other reputed wooden watches for men.

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