The Pros and Cons of Wood Watches

The Pros and Cons of Wood Watches

Wooden Watches UK

Wooden watches may seem like a strange idea at first because none of us has ever thought of wearing them, but they are amazing when you see them practically. There are various reasons for keeping wooden watches in your closets. Here we will discuss everything about wooden watches and wood watch companies. These are purely stylish choices, but you must know that no watch’s mechanism is made of wood. Here we will discuss all the pros and cons and some basic guidelines about wooden watches in the UK.

Pros Of Wooden Watches UK

We will learn about all the bright sides of wearing wooden watches in the UK. Style and design is everything that we look at while purchasing anything. Here is everything that will make you fall in love with these wooden watches.


Wooden watches are hypoallergenic. Usually, people get allergic due to stainless steel or leather wristwatches. Hence wearing wooden watches would be the best choice for everyone. These watches are hypoallergenic and suitable for every skin type. Hence everyone with any skin type can comfortably wear these wooden wristwatches.


Keeping you stylish and attractive is our top priority, but we can’t play with our environment; hence all the wooden watches are eco-friendly and suitable for the environment. These watches do not have any negative impact on our society and atmosphere. Hence while taking care of your apparel, always be mindful of your atmosphere.

Less Expensive

The wooden watches are less expensive than other leather and stainless steel watches. Hence you can purchase these watches conveniently without thinking about your budget and pocket because these wooden watches will never be a burden on your pocket.

No Bad Smell

Usually, when you purchase a new watch, it has some unpleasant odour that might give an irritating feel. But these watches have no bad smell no matter how long you have kept them in packaging. However, there will be an amazingly soothing wooden scent that everyone will surely love.

Unique Look and Feel

Who doesn’t like to look unique and super attractive? With these wooden watches, you will always have a unique look and feel with every outfit. There would be nothing better than these wooden watches in the UK for a unique look and stylish design. Wear these wooden watches and enjoy your unique look every day.

Lighter in Weight

Stainless steel watches are bulkier in weight, and whenever you wear them, you feel like you have put on some weight on your hand. To avoid such circumstances, it would be best to wear wooden watches as they are lighter in weight and keep your hand moving and active.

Age with Grace

Grace is everything when you are growing, and to keep yourself graceful, you must have such arsenals of dressing up. Wooden watches are one of them. These wooden watches in the UK are made to keep your personality graceful and elegant. You no longer have to think before wearing any watch.

A Perfect Gift Idea

When it comes to presenting gifts, you always want to give your loved ones the best gifts. Hence no need to think twice and look at these wooden watches that are phenomenally made to impress all your loved ones.

Cons of Wooden Watches

Everything that has some bright sides will surely have some downsides as well. Here we will discuss all the downsides of wooden watches to have a clear notion about wooden watches in the UK.


The wooden watches are not durable as leather, and stainless steel watches are proved to be. Hence if you are looking for anything durable enough to last longer than you imagine, you should opt for stainless steel watches.

Faux Wood

Some manufacturers use faux wood in the construction of wooden watches, and these watches are of plastic quality that reduces the actual worth of wooden watches. This is the main reason why wooden watches are less durable than you expect. This gives less quality and reduces the durability of wooden watches. It is recommended to check the material used to make these watches. If it is made of faux wood, it would be best to avoid purchasing it.

Not Suitable For Sports

If you are very fond of playing sports, you must be disappointed after hearing that wooden watches are not the best choice for you. This can reduce the quality of your physical activity. Then it is recommended that if you are a sports person, you should always opt for some plastic or silicone watches. These watches are as light as a feather and give you an athlete-like feel to keep your activity growing properly.

Not Waterproof

These wooden watches are not waterproof; hence, if you plan to go on a beach or for swimming, you must not wear them as they are made of wood, and there are few waterproof kinds of wood

Requires Maintenance

Wooden watches require extra maintenance as they are not waterproof, and they are made of wood, so that might get hot or cold according to the atmosphere. You have to take great care of them and keep yourself active for it. If you cannot upkeep wooden watches, it would be best to opt for those watches that do not require much maintenance.

How To Take Care of Your Wooden Watches in the UK?

With adequate daily care, you can keep your wooden watches for men working in good condition for an extended period. Various watches are coming that are waterproof; hence going for a waterproof wooden watch would be the best thing that you can do for yourself. Also, please keep it clean and take care of it. Do not wear wooden watches when you are swimming on the beach because these watches are not made to cope with water. Also, these watches are not good for wearing during sports.


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