Wooden Watch Engraving Ideas and Examples

Wooden Watch Engraving Ideas and Examples

As specialists in engraved wooden watches we have personalised thousands of watches by hand and helped many customers design fitting messages for loved ones. 

Below are some of our favourite designs for you to gather inspiration from.

For Son or Daughter

Happy Birthday Son

Love Mum and Dad xxx

Happy 30th Birthday Luke!

We Love You! 

Make time special

Time to live the dream...

We are forever proud of you son x

Follow your dreams Amy 

Love Mum and Dad x

To my son on your 40th

This old bear will always have your back.

Love Dad 


We are so proud of you 

and everything you achieve

Love Mum and Dad

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

For Partner, Husband or Dad

Five years since we became 

Mr & Mrs


Happy Birthday 

my Paul

Love always 

Dawn ❤️ xxx

You will forever 

be my always!
I Love you


For our everlasting love

5 years

Wood you believe it?

I love you every minute of every day

Belinda x

M. J. P. J


I hope you had the time of your life...


To Hendrix 

Like time, our love is precious

Love Jules xxx

To Dad

The Love between a father

and son is timeless.

Love Thomas xxx

Happy 5th Anniversary!
Lots of love,

Jess x

A unique watch

for a unique Daddy


For Partner, Wife or Mum

All of me, loves all of you



Love you Mum

Thanks for everything you have done for us x

Always & Forver 

David xxx



Love you for all of time

Hubby x

Love from

Kate, Luke,

Matthew & Tess xx

Happy Mothers day

You're smashing this mum thing! x

My World.

Love you always 

Jim x

For Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle

A Grandad holds his grandchilds hand for a while 

but holds their heart for a lifetime.

All our love always x

Best grandma ever 

Love Jess and Milly 


Love from

Kate, Luke,

Matthew & Tess xx

Uncle Phil 

Thanks for looking after us!


Thank you for all your support Auntie Linda

Love Sophie x

For Richard,

You inspire us every day
Loves of love

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