Branded house shaped keyrings

Thoughtful gifts that go a long way for your brand image and customer loyalty.

  • A unique gift clients will talk about

    Stand out from the crowd and offer something a little bit different for your clients. Increasing brand loyalty and customer retention.

  • Increase your social media presence

    We create bespoke stickers to match your brand, encouraging clients to tag you in their all important "we got the keys" social media posts.

  • Better for the environment

    Say goodbye to old fashioned plastic keyrings and say hello to eco-friendly solutions which show your brand's sustainability efforts.

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Why buy gifts for clients?

It helps build loyalty

Clients naturally feel a sense of loyalty towards businesses that go the extra mile for them. Special little gift that feel personal helps set them apart.

It shows appreciation

Gift giving shows how much you appreciate them as an individual as opposed to simply a means to an end. Making your business memorable and top-of-mind. 

It gives you free advertising

We encourage clients to tag you in their social media posts. Giving you free advertising to all of their followers.

What our customers say

Since receiving the keyrings, they have added a really nice touch to the service we provide.

Each client found that receiving a small token of appreciation and congratulations was “special” and “memorable”.

We do believe that sending the keyrings as a present has assisted our business.

Suzanne Parker - Parker Law Solicitors

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